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Ezekiel Elliott is embracing a new leadership role – and an expanded role on offense if needed.

Here are five highlights from the Cowboys star running back’s visit with the media Sunday from training camp in Oxnard

On being patient with his carries

“The scheme I came from in college at Ohio State, plays hit a lot faster. Honestly, when you move to this next level https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/dan-skipper-jersey-c-53.html, you’re playing against a lot better players, a lot smarter players, a lot stronger players. So, those double teams are going to take longer to develop and your runs are going to take longer to develop. You’re going to have to set up your blockers better. That’s just something I’ve been working on, definitely been ingraining into the minds of those younger running backs we have so they can get better and succeed at this level.”

On the NFL’s new helmet rule

I think it’s just all for the better of the game. I think they’re trying to protect players. We see a lot of neck injuries, we see a lot of spine injuries https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/anthony-hitchens-jersey-c-52.html, we see a lot of head injuries. They’re just trying to protect us players. I don’t think it really will affect my game much.”
On whether he needs to play in the preseason when he sees injuries to other players around the league

“I think we have a pretty good plan. That’s up to the coaches mostly. I think this year will be a lot like last year. I’ll play a little bit in that third game. I’ll probably play the first series, and that’s how we’ll handle that. But it’s football. There’s going to be injuries and every time you strap up and go out there between those white lines https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/damontre-moore-jersey-c-51.html, there’s going to be risk that you’re going to get hurt.”

On his role in the passing game in this Cowboys offense
“I think it’s just an opportunity to elevate my game, an opportunity to show that I can do more. I’m excited. I’m just here to do what the coaches ask me and whatever they put on my plate, I’m going to do the best I can to go out there and execute.”

On great running Geoff Swaim Jersey backs with receiving skills that he’s studied

“A guy that I’ve always studied that was probably the best at it was Marshall Faulk. He’s a guy who I’ve looked up and watched.”
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