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Forty nine years ago , a talented receiver from Donora High School was all set to sign a letter of intent to play for Marshall University. Football was Ken Griffey’s best sport followed by basketball, track and then baseball. But shortly before he was going to tell coach Rick Tolley that he was going to accept https://www.steelerspitzone.com/ryan-shazier-jersey-c-46.html his scholarship offer he got a call from his girlfriend, Alberta, that changed the course of his life and baseball history.

Griffey learned he was going to become a father and chose a professional baseball career instead after getting drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 1969. Ken Griffey Jr. was born in November of 1969 and one year later, on Nov. 14, 1970, 37 members of the Marshall football team died in a plane crash.

Almost a half century later, 33 miles from Donora on the campus of Saint Vincent College, Trey Griffey, grandson or Senior and son of Junior, is trying to hook on with the Steelers. And just like his grandfather he’s a receiver.

“He was going to go to Marshall to play football,” Trey said Sunday afternoon. “My grandmother called him and said she’s pregnant. He told Marshall he had to provide his the family so he went to baseball.”
Ken Griffey, Sr. won two World Series with the Reds in 1975 and 1976 and was a three time All Star over the course of his 19 years in Major League Baseball. Ken Griffey, Jr. played 22 seasons in MLB and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame after hitting 630 home runs with the Mariners, Reds and White Sox.

Trey Griffey, 24, takes after his grandfather more than his father when it comes to sports. He played baseball as a youth, but football has always been his favorite. He did not play baseball in high school and pursued football instead, ending up at the University of Arizona after a standout high school career in Orlando.

“I definitely have a love for football Kameron Canaday Jersey,” Trey said. “My dad always told me if you have a love for a sport you stick with it. He has a love for baseball. I have a love for football. He’s always supported me.”

Griffey signed with the Steelers in April after spending time with the Colts and Dolphins last summer. The Dolphins released him when they cut their roster down to 53 players in September.

Griffey made his Steelers debut Thursday night against the Eagles. He played 14 snaps on special teams and recorded one tackle. He played seven offensive snaps but did not have a catch.

“I’m a little bit wiser,” Trey said. “It’s my second year going through the preseason. I’m trying to pick things up from the veteran receivers we have here. When you have Darrius Heyward Bey, Justin Hunter, Antonio Brown, you try to learn from them. Even on defense, you have Joe Haden at corner. He’s one of the top corners in the league. I’m just trying to pick up different things from the offense and defense https://www.steelerspitzone.com/colin-holba-jersey-c-45.html, see how guys react.”

Trey’s best chance to stick with the Steelers is likely on the practice squad. The Steelers are set with Brown, Hunter JuJu Smith Schuster and James Washington as their top four receivers. Marcus Tucker https://www.steelerspitzone.com/steven-johnson-jersey-c-47.html, Damoun Patterson, Tevin Jones, Heyward Bey and Griffey are in the mix for the fifth spot, possibly a sixth spot if they decide to keep that many.
You just have to go out there and do your best every day,” Trey said. “When it comes down to it at the end they’re going to make their decision. Am I on the 53 or not on the 53? You can’t think about it like that. You have to go out there every day, perform and see what happens.”

One thing Griffey has going for him is experience on special teams.

“I played special teams all the way up,” he said. “That’s how I first got onto the field at Arizona – by playing special teams.”

During his four months in Pittsburgh, Trey has driven through Donora to check it out, but most of his family has moved away to different parts of the country. His father stays connected to the Mariners and just returned from a trip to Seattle. His grandfather has business ventures and wrote a book in 2014. In it, he recounted his decision not to attend Marshall.

“That was a crazy situation,” Trey said.

Had Junior, also known as The Kid, not come along, one of the most famous Western Pennsylvania sports families might have never been.
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